Written by Dr. Vanessa Craig

The science behind it all

I created Formettā to be different. To apply scientific research on aging, overall health, and nutrition to formulate a high-quality, natural collagen supplement that counters common concerns of aging and supports an active lifestyle.

Biomedical research is the bedrock of Formettā

After years of working in labs and conducting biomedical research, I recognized the powerful role collagen plays in maintaining good health. I sought out a collagen supplement that met the high-standards of the pharma and medical world I was working in, which, in turn, led me to look into the inner workings of the supplement industry. And I was shocked at what I found: unsubstantiated promises, ingredient levels too low to have an impact, high price tags for products with limited science to back up their claims, synthetic formulations made with low-quality ingredients.

My own need for trustworthy, high-quality collagen supplements prompted me to develop the Formettā daily collagen supplement. There's clean, honest science behind the unique combination of ingredients and high-quality production process of Formettā-and I've included all the references to back it up.

Formettā's formula is based on collagen peptides that are bioactive and clinically proven to significantly increase skin elasticity (1), reduce wrinkles (2), improve skin surface structure and decrease cellulite (3), as well as improve the growth and health of fingernails (4).

What makes Formettā's collagen supplement unique and superior

  • Clinical strength formula
    All ingredients are present in scientifically-proven dosages
  • Potent co-ingredients
    Includes select companion elements that are proven to promote collagen synthesis and overall skin health
  • Contains electrolytes
    Increases hydration and supports essential body systems
  • Does not contain sugar
    Sugar is a natural enemy to collagen, with elevated sugar levels accelerating collagen breakdown
  • No artificial ingredients
    Non-synthetic components naturally supplement the body's needs
  • Individual serving size
    Convenient and easy to take every day, effectively combating daily collagen degradation
  • Powder format
    Maximizes bioactivity and ingredient stability
  • The highest quality and safest collagen peptides
    Our collagen peptides are tested for heavy metals and toxins and have been clinically proven to be effective
  • Formulated in Switzerland
    Using exacting Swiss standards and the highest quality ingredients

Formettā is scientific research applied naturally to combat common age-related concerns and help improve overall health.


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