Written by Navi N. – verified customer

“Formettā has become one of my most cherished secrets. I started taking the supplement on Nov. 28th and after 2 weeks the results are too good to hide. I found Formettā after searching for collagen that also contained Aloe Vera and Astaxanthin since research over and over has affirmed their skin rejuvenation potency. I was thrilled when I found Formettā had those and much more (esp. MSM!). When I originally stumbled on the website, they did not ship internationally. After a 3 week wait and multiple exchanges with Vanessa (who is a customer satisfaction Goddess), at last I had the supplement in my hands! Since I’ve started taking the supplement, I’ve noticed the following changes:

  1. Digestive health has improved tremendously (is bowel movement TMI?)
  2. Mental acuity. I usually take the supplement in the morning and I notice just how sharp and alert I become.
  3. Hair has increased tremendously in length and volume
  4. Nails are the longest they’ve ever been – partially bcus I cut them since they usually break…yet no sign of breakage at all.
  5. Last but certainly not least – my dewy glowy toned skin. My greatest concern was the depth of some of my smile lines. Not only have they decreased in depth, the skin under my eyes has become thicker. It’s like my face is turning back some clock. This supplement is the holy grail of all collagen.

Some asides, the powder mixed with cold water in the morning is sooo delicious! I legit look forward to consuming it every morning and knowing just the magic its doing internally. The price is worth it especially since I know the goodness that I’m putting in my body.

Just one concern I have with the product right now is its packaging. Designed to be user-convenient, I have some resistance to throwing out little pouches every day (all that adds up). So if there’s a way the company could continue to provide the ease of use and quality of the product while incorporating some sustainable packaging – I’ll probably be a life-long customer!

Overall, sooo happy with my Formettā purchases!”

– Navi N., verified customer