What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It serves as the major structural protein in numerous tissues of our body, including skin, joints, blood vessels, muscles, gut tissue, and dentin. The human body continuously manufactures collagens to maintain tissue structural integrity. As part of the natural ageing process, collagen production starts progressively slowing at around 25. As this happens, tell-tale signs of ageing such as gray hair, weak nails, skin wrinkles and achy joints ensue.

What is the shelf life of Formettā?

Product shelf-life ranges from 2-3 years. We recommend storing Formettā in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Refrigeration is not necessary.

What are Collagen peptides?

Collagen is a large complex protein consisting of long chains of polypeptides. The collagen molecule itself is far too big to be absorbed across the gut wall, so it needs to be broken down during digestion into smaller chains called peptides. Our collagen peptides are derived by hydrolysing (breaking down) collagen into peptides. This mimics the natural digestion process, making the peptides easy to absorb. Once absorbed, these peptides are readily distributed throughout the whole body where they are primed to contribute to collagen renewal.

Where is our Collagen sourced?

We use German-produced collagen peptides from bovine hide. They are exclusively sourced from high-welfare certified cows in Germany. Our peptides have been clinically proven to be effective. They are free from heavy metals and toxins.

Has Formettā been tested for quality & safety?

Formettā undergoes rigorous testing for quality and purity to guarantee the products we sell are certified, 100% safe for human consumption. Our peptides are tested for microbiology, stability, nutrition profile, toxins and heavy metals such as mercury, lead and arsenic.

Our product meets all required quality and safety standards set by the top Swiss and international regulatory agencies.

Does Collagen survive stomach acid?

Formettā’s collagen peptides are not destroyed or disrupted by digestive acid in the stomach. Once the collagen peptides reach the small intestine they are absorbed into the blood stream and distributed throughout the body in the form of peptides and free amino acids to trigger the body to produce new collagen.

Our product meets all required quality and safety standards set by the top Swiss and international regulatory agencies.

Does the type of Collagen matter?

No it does not. Formettā is comprised mainly of Type I and III collagen peptides. There are 28 distinct collagen proteins that have been identified, designated by Roman numerals (I–XXVIII). These collagens are made from the same building blocks but differ in their interactions with other proteins, cellular components, and location within the body. There is no evidence proving differences in activity between the consumption of different collagen types. Formettā is aimed at boosting collagen production in the whole body.

Can I take Formettā when pregnant or breastfeeding?

Formettā offers valuable benefits during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Our formulation has been rigorously tested for quality and safety. Whilst many of our customers have been able to take our products throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding, we advise speaking with your healthcare practitioner to check that our product is suitable for you.

What is the best time of the day to take Formettā?

You can take Formettā at any time of day!  That said, protein absorption is optimal in the morning or whenever your first meal of the day is.

Morning ritual:
Collagen peptides may increase the feeling of fullness. This could aid weight loss and management by reducing hunger, and therefore, how many calories you eat in a day.

Afternoon ritual:
You may choose to take your collagen pre- or post workout. The electrolytes in Formettā’s formula are particularly beneficial to quickly replenish you and prevent an afternoon slump.

Evening ritual:
Allow Formettā to help your body repair and restore while you sleep. Formettā can have a positive impact on your sleep since collagen peptides are loaded with the amino acid glycine, an inhibitory neurotransmitter that calms the central nervous system and helps us to unwind, relax, and fall asleep.

Can Formettā be added to hot drinks?

We do not recommend heating Formettā. This is an advanced collagen formulation containing potent heat-sensitive ingredients.

What is the difference between marine and bovine Collagen?

Collagen can be derived from numerous sources, including cows, pigs, chicken, and marine animals. There is no evidence that any source of collagen is more effective than bovine collagen. Bovine collagen, unlike marine collagen, is free from the top 14 allergens, making it a preferred choice for those with shellfish or fish allergies.

When will I notice results?

Formettā must be taken long term to get the full benefits. Based on clinical studies, the positive benefits from consuming collagen peptides can take up to 12 weeks. The timing of results depends on age, lifestyle and health status. Once you take collagen peptides your body prioritises where the collagen is most needed. Therefore, some individuals may observe benefits in much less time than 12 weeks.

Orders, Shipping & Returns

Do you ship orders internationally?

From our Swiss store we ship to select countries via their corresponding local postal service. Should your order be delayed, we appreciate your patience and encourage you to contact with any queries. All customers are responsible for any import customs, duty or taxes.

To ensure fast delivery, all EU and UK orders are directed to the webshop of our international retail partner Metacells GmbH.

What is your returns policy?

We can only accept returns for damaged goods that are not opened. Please note, all return requests must contact within 2 weeks of receiving your order. Due to regulations worldwide, we can’t accept any refunds for open packages. Unfortunately, we also can’t accept returns or refunds for ‘change of mind’ once a purchase has been made.

Can I become a wholesale partner?

Only authorised stockists can sell Formettā products online or in person. If you’d like to become an authorised stockist, please contact


How does subscribe & save work?

Our subscription service means you never run out of your daily essential. Every month, you will receive a 30 day supply of Formettā. Plus, you’ll receive a 10% product discount in the process.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can. You’re free to cancel at any time. Just login to your customer portal and cancel or reach out to, and we’ll process the cancellation.

Can I swap the flavor of my subscription?

Yes, you can. Just contact us at, and we’ll process the change.

Can I skip my next subscription or place on hold?

Yes, you can. You’re free to arrange this at any time. Just login to your customer portal and choose your delivery date or reach out to, and we’ll process the request.

Do I need to commit to a minimum subscription period?

No you don’t. In your customer portal you can swap the flavour, pause or cancel your subscription at any time.