How it all started

Founder Dr. Vanessa Craig didn’t set out to start a nutraceutical company.

But as a biomedical researcher she couldn’t ignore the scientifically-proven effects of collagen. When she couldn’t find trustworthy collagen supplements with clinically-relevant amounts of key ingredients, Dr. Craig developed Formettā—a balanced, effective, and convenient daily collagen supplement.

Dr. Vanessa Craig

For more than a decade, Formettā founder and biomedical research doctor Vanessa Craig actively researched how inflammation and environmental factors influence gene activity. And discovered how supplementing wisely could be the secret to improved health and graceful ageing.

“Formettā works because there’s real research behind it.”

Dr. Vanessa Craig, Biomedical researcher, scientist, and Formettā founder

Dr. Craig began her studies at the University of Sydney, where she completed a BSc in Molecular Biology and Genetics, with Honours in Biochemistry. During these rigorous studies, Dr. Craig developed an interest in the effects of inflammation and environmental factors on our genes and the genetic legacy we transmit to the next generation. She graduated summa cum laude with a PhD in molecular oncology from the University of Zürich, where she also patented two targeted cancer therapies.

At the Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research, Dr. Craig was awarded a fellowship to continue her research in epigenetics and became interested in how nutrition, among other lifestyle factors, impacts our health and longevity. She studied Nutrition Science at the School of Medicine at Stanford University to sharpen her knowledge further and gain a more holistic understanding of the interplay between nutrition, ageing, and overall health.

Her studies, research, and personal experience increased Dr. Craig’s fascination with the powers of collagen—prompting her to develop the formula for Formettā.

Dr. Craig’s philosophy of supplementing wisely means that Formettā includes only natural ingredients with proven benefits and it’s formulated and made in Switzerland.

Active ingredients in harmony

Dr. Craig capitalised on her scientific knowledge to pair bioactive collagen peptides with co-ingredients that slow the visible signs of ageing. Formulated with specifically-selected, well-studied components that replenish the body, fight damage from free radicals, and aid proper cell function, Formettā supports ageing gracefully and overall good health.

Active Ingredients - Formetta

“I’ve been so pleased to have found Formetta to incorporate into my daily routine. It is a quality product full of beneficial nutrients for my whole body. The extra bonus is my skin looks and feels amazing!”

Marlene C., verified customer
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